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``To me, Custome-Made means... Perfect your individual style.``

I’m a Craftsmen who approaches your hair with a personal touch. In my eyes, one haircut doesn’t fit all.

Taking the lead and learning from the best British hairdressers, I dove full force into the art of hair. Eventually I headed to the states making my home in LA. There I worked with a myriad of Hollywood’s elite, whether they were in front of or behind the camera, on-stage, in music, or movies, the experience gave me the opportunity to hone my craft. Then came the next level, I opened my own boutique salon right off the famed Melrose Avenue. It was beautiful.

While in LA I developed my signature style, an unparalleled ability to perfect individual styles with precision cutting, freehand, and razor cutting skills sculpting everything from the perfect bob to sexy, textured, long layers. From that evolved my innate ability to identify “appropriate colour placement”, no, it doesn’t have to be complicated, or labor intensive.

I can create your perfect, individualised cut and colour that’s easy to manage. I’ll help you choose your optimal colour, empowering you to take risks and delivering what you never thought was possible. You’re certain to get results you’re ecstatic about with the combination of these 4 ingredients:

Texture + Colour + Enhance your natural hair + Versatility = Your individual style

When working with my clients, I can’t hide my enthusiasm. Like them, I dream about the outcome, and I love to make it happen! I value and love the relationships I develop with my clientele. In fact, every 6 weeks I return to LA to care for those clients I left behind, they matter to me. Now, I’m here, in Birmingham, AL. I’m ready to open my doors and work with you.

Call me personally at (323) 578-3981, to make an appointment.